Name: Bryanna Siller
Education: Mt Hood Community College
Profession: Pre- Nursing/ Nurse Practitioner
Playing Experience: 10 years / Mt Hood Community College
Coaching Experience: 3 years at previous club 1st year here
I love volleyball/coaching because: Volleyball has always been a huge part of my life growing up. I played for 10 years and then played at the college level. Now I coach to help players grow as young adults and as volleyball players. Helping people is a passion of mine and to have the opportunity to do that through coaching is a huge blessing. 

Name: Austin Baltierrez
Team: 14 Silver
Education: Currently working on Business Administration degree
Profession: Manager and Fitness Coach at Excel Fitness – Newberg
Playing Experience: NHS and WVVC 4 years
Coaching Experience: 3 years
I love volleyball/coaching because: volleyball is a team sport, meaning in order to success you must communicate with your team, which in return is a very valuable life skill that can further your success in all areas of your life. Additionally, I love volleyball because it’s a great workout and as a fitness professional I enjoy being able to encourage young athletes to be fit. Lastly, volleyball is a great way to make lasting memories with your friends.


12G - 53rd

14S - 112th

14G -  24th

15G - 75th 

16G - 62nd

18G - 57th


12G - 27th

14S - 119th

14G - 27th

16G - 47th


12G - 22nd

14G - 72nd

16S - 100th

16G - 63rd

18G - 41st


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Who We Are

Name: MacKenzie Upchurch
Team: Club Director, 14Gold
Education: Masters in Coaching and Athletic Administration, Concordia University Irvine
Profession: Hotel General Manager, Real Estate Broker, Volleyball Coach, Mom
Coaching Experience: 2 years FG Ohana, 10 years WVVC, 10 years NHS
I love volleyball/coaching because: I have the ability to teach and lead a sport that I love. I thrive on competition! Watching girls improve daily, and apply the life skills they learn through sport is highly rewarding. I also value the lifelong memories and relationships built with the players and families I work with.

Name: Amanda Miller
Education: Bachelors Degree in Business Administration
Profession: Digital Marketing Assistant 
Playing Experience: Eastern Oregon University
Coaching Experience: 4 years at EOVBC, 5th & 6th grade intramural rec league
I love volleyball/coaching because: I love that it is a sport you literally cannot do without teammates. Coaching is something I love to do so that I can help young players find their love for the game, while growing as players and people. I love seeing players work hard and seeing their skills get better and stronger throughout a season. I love that I am able to stay involved in the game that I love even after I am done playing. 

Name: Rachel Thompson
Team: 14 Gold
Education: NHS, GFU, PCC
Playing Experience: 10 years, Newberg
Coaching Experience: 3 years WVVC, St. Paul High School, CPRD
I love volleyball/coaching because: I get to share my love of volleyball with others. Coaching has impacted my life in such a positive way and allows me to continue to be around the sport I have a passion for, even after playing myself.


12G - 

14S -

14G - 

16S - 

16G - 

WVVC is committed to providing a quality and competitive volleyball experience for all ages (10- 18) and skill levels. We believe in creating a positive and constructive environment for the player to learn and develop not only volleyball skills but life skills of respect, responsibility, leadership, work ethic and team work.



12G - 39th

14S - 110th

14G - 44th

16S - 108th

16G - 36th